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Tips for Mosquito Control for Your Home


There are three components of mosquito control to keep you and your family safe from the viruses that mosquitos carry, such as West Nile and Zika: mosquito control inside your home, outside your home, and protection from bites. Here are some tips for each of these three situations.

three components of mosquito control to keep you and your family safe from the viruses

  • Mosquito Control Inside Your Home – It isn’t easy to sleep when you hear a buzzing around your ears from a mosquito in the room. It is bad enough to get attacked when outside. You don’t need them biting you for blood while you are indoors, too. To keep that from happening, be sure to have screens on your windows that do not have any damage that would permit entry. Keep doors and windows closed as much as possible and employ mosquito control outdoors to reduce the number that could make it inside your home. If you do have mosquitos in the house that you haven’t been able to kill yet, be sure you don’t have any standing water, such as pet dishes, flower pot saucers, or vases, where they can lay eggs. If you must have the water (such as a pet dish), dump out the water regularly and replace after thoroughly cleaning it.
  • Mosquito Control Outside Your Home- You’ll have fewer issues indoors if you control mosquitos outdoors. Water is key, once again, so be sure to empty and scrub any containers that hold water on a regular basis and resolve any drainage issues that are creating standing water. A professional can also help you with effective methods for mosquito control on an ongoing basis or at least prior to a gathering where you want your food from the grill to be the main course, not your guests.
  • Prevention of Mosquito Bites- It is impractical to believe you can completely eradicate mosquitos from your property, in part because you can’t control what your neighbors do and mosquitos are great at spreading out and visiting everyone. With proper care, you can reduce the numbers, but you should still protect yourself and your family from being bitten by using insect repellents. Be sure to use as directed and only use an EPA-registered product that has been proven to be safe. It is also wise to wear suitable clothing to help prevent mosquito bites.

If you would like to get professional mosquito control so you can have peace of mind that you have done all you can to protect your family from mosquito-borne illnesses, contact us at Pest & Termite Consultants. We are known for reliable, quality pest control services at a fair price. Call us today to discuss any of your pest control needs at your home or business.

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