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Spider Control in Fuquay-Varina, NC

Residential & Commercial Spider Control and Prevention

Spiders are one of the most feared pests because of their creepy-crawly nature. While most spiders are harmless, there are a few that are dangerous to humans. If you have a spider infestation, it is important to have a professional identify the species and provide the appropriate treatment.

At Pest & Termite Consultants, we offer spider control in Fuquay-Varina and the surrounding areas throughout the Triangle. We have years of experience and provide effective control for all types of spiders.

If you have a pest problem, call (919) 444-8887 to schedule a free estimate.

Common Types of Spiders in North Carolina

North Carolina is home to a diverse range of spider species. Some of the most common spiders include the ant mimic, southern trapdoor spider, forest wolf spider, and nursery web spider. Other prominent species found in the state are the amaurobius ferox, also known as the black lace-weaver, and araneus bicentenarius. Additionally, North Carolina houses venomous spiders like the black widow and brown recluse, although the latter is not very common. While spiders are not usually aggressive and will only bite if they feel threatened, it is important to enlist our professionals if you have a venomous spider problem on your property.

Cellar spiders are also among the most frequently encountered spiders in North Carolina. Some other spiders native to the region are the Atlantic purse-web spider, yellow sac spider, arrowhead orbweaver, filmy dome spider, and Carolina wolf spider.

How to Prevent Spider Infestations

Spiders are attracted to homes and other buildings because they provide a safe place to live and a steady supply of food. They are often found in basements, attics, and other dark, undisturbed areas. Spiders are also attracted to clutter, so it is important to keep your home clean. If you have a spider infestation, it is important to have a professional exterminator identify the species and provide the appropriate treatment.

Some of the most effective ways to prevent spider infestations include:

  • Keep your home clean and free of clutter
  • Seal cracks and crevices around windows and doors
  • Install screens on windows and doors
  • Remove spider webs and egg sacs
  • Store firewood at least 20 feet away from your home
  • Keep your yard clean and free of debris
  • Trim trees and shrubs away from your home
  • Use a dehumidifier to reduce moisture in your home

Signs of a Spider Infestation

Some of the most common signs of a spider infestation include:

  • Spider webs or egg sacs in and around your home
  • Live or dead spiders
  • Itchy spider bites on your body

At Pest & Termite Consultants, we are highly trained and use the latest tools and techniques to eliminate spiders from your home or business. We offer one-time spider control as well as ongoing services to keep your property spider-free all year long.

If you have a spider problem, call (919) 444-8887 to schedule an appointment.

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