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Understanding Why DIY Ant Control Could Be a Bad Idea


Nobody steps on an ant in their home and thinks, “Oh no, is he going to be missed?” What might surprise you is that while one or two might not be, if you employ DIY methods to deal with an ant problem at your home, it is quite likely that they will be missed – by the queen! Think of the queen of an ant colony as general leading an army into battle to defend its territory.

you need a professional to provide ant control if you want effective results

When the battle is raging, does he just let his people get eliminated and think, “Oh well, the battle is lost!”, or does he send in replacements to keep defending the territory? The answer is that the battle continues whenever there is a threat to the territory. The difference is that human beings can’t just create more soldiers when we run out, but that is exactly what a queen ant does. Thus, your DIY ant control could easily make your ant problem far worse.

What makes things even more dire is that ants leave a scent trail everywhere they go, so when an “ant squadron” doesn’t return, other ants can follow the exact same path to find out what happened. It isn’t a war revenge response like it can be with human beings, but it still means you have a larger ant problem now.

If you want to resolve your ant issue, the only effective way is to kill the queen. That means using effective products that the ants will take back to the colony and feed to the queen, resulting in her death. Timing is everything so that the queen is the one targeted. That is why you need a professional to provide ant control if you want effective results. Here at Pest & Termite Consultants, we have the experience and top-quality products to get your ant problem under control, as well as deal with any other pests that might be in residence at your home or business. Call today to learn more.

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