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Why is Moisture Control Important for Preventing Pests?


If you were given the choice of living in a house with modern plumbing or one that didn’t have any indoor plumbing at all, which would you choose? Clearly, that question is easy to answer because human life depends on having water daily. The same is true for the insect world, so if you want to prevent pests from sharing your home with you, paying attention to moisture control is important.

Condensation on a window

Having moisture in your home is a huge attractant to rodents, termites, and a variety of insects. So, while moisture can result in costly water damage, it can also leave your home vulnerable to the widespread damage that termites can do. It isn’t just that termites need the moisture for sustenance. They also prefer to chomp down on moisture-softened wood, and you’ve just hung out the welcome sign by not focusing on moisture control.

One of the areas to keep in mind is the crawlspace. If there is a moisture control problem there, it is adding to the fact that this dark area is already a bit more conducive to pests. In addition to pests, you could also be at risk for mold and fungi. Between the allergens that pests can contribute and the mold spores, your home’s indoor air quality is put at risk, and your family could begin to experience allergy symptoms.

If you have questions about moisture control and how a moisture problem can result in a pest infestation, give us a call at Pest & Termite Consultants. We are happy to inspect your home and let you know what the best course of action is to protect your home from pests and other problems associated with humidity and moisture issues.

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