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Stinging Insect Control: Ways to Protect Yourself


As far as stubborn insects go, it is well agreed that stinging insects are the ones that people are most concerned about. Many insects are bothersome but may not be harmful to you physically. Stinging insects, on the other hand, can affect your safety. Here are the top ways to protect yourself from stinging insects and implement stinging insect control.

Stinging Insect Control: Ways to Protect Yourself

  • Cover Your Food – Stinging insects are attracted to food, whether it be an outdoor picnic, or an open garbage can. To avoid insects like yellow jackets and bees bothering your family and guests, cover your food for as long as possible and have a trashcan with a lid.
  • Seal Cracks – It is common for stinging insects to build their nests in areas such as chimneys, attics, under decks, and porches. To prevent these harmful insects from hanging in or around your home, seal any open cracks and crevices to prevent stinging insects form entering your home.
  • Stay Calm – When a stinging insect is around you, most people’s first reaction is to swat at it, or to squirm and panic. However, this can actually provoke the insect to attack. If you stay calm, and walk away, there is a good chance the stinging insect will go away.
  • Contact a Professional – If you find several stinging insects around your home or you discover a nest on your property, it’s time to call in a professional. A professional exterminator will treat stinging insect control and help prevent and future infestations from occurring.

We hope this has guided you and helped you implement stinging insect control. If you have any questions regarding stinging insect control, and the services we provide, please contact us at Pest & Termite Consultants today.

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