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Signs You Need Flea Removal


Fleas can be stubborn pests and can be a nuisance to you, your property, and your pets. Once you start to discover a flea problem, it is advised to contact an exterminator right away to conduct flea removal. Here are the signs that you need flea removal service.

Signs You Need Flea Removal

  • Pets – If you notice that your pet is scratching more than usual, your pet may be suffering from fleas. To determine if your pet has fleas or not, take a flea comb or fine-tooth comb and brush through your pet’s hair. If you discover blackish or brownish specs, and you notice movement, you have discovered fleas.
  • Home – If you discover fleas on your pets, they could exist within the home. You should have your home inspected for possible flea removal. Until a flea removal specialist can get to you, we recommend vacuuming your carpets and cleaning your furniture and bedding to ensure fleas don’t spread throughout your home.
  • Yard – Odds are, if you have fleas within your home, or on your pet, your outdoor property likely has them. To eliminate or shrink the number of fleas you have in your yard you can simply use bug killer for lawns, but this may not always work. If you call a professional for your flea removal, you have a better chance of the problem being eliminated.

If you have any questions regarding flea removal, and the services we provide, please contact us at Pest & Termite Consultants today.

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