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Can Residential Pest Control Help with Spiders?


There are many who will tell you that spiders aren’t something you can control because they are not kept away using traditional residential pest control barriers. While it is true that you cannot kill spiders without them coming in direct contact with pest control products, it is not true that ongoing pest control services won’t help keep them at bay.

Can Residential Pest Control Help with Spiders?

The thing to realize about spiders is that they seek out places to build webs that will trap insects that they will then feast upon. Building a web in a house that doesn’t have any pests would be like building a convenience store in the middle of the desert. Hence, regular residential pest control that prevents pests will not be the environment that a spider would want to hang around in. Even spiders that do not build webs need a food source, so you can prevent nearly all spider species by first eliminating other pests.

Residential pest control is not 100 percent effective at controlling spiders, especially when you consider that during mating season, the spiders are not looking for food. However, that doesn’t mean that a professional pest control company cannot be of assistance. They are still your best choice for reducing spider issues and resolving any that you might have.

At NC Pest Control, we have a great track record with spiders, not to mention the wide variety of other pest species that call the Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina area home. Our residential pest control services are perfect for preventing pests and dealing with any you might have. Reach out today with questions or to schedule an appointment.

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